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Marine Products

The BR Plastics manufacture a range of Marine Buoys. All Buoys can be filled with foam for additional floatation.
  1. Marine Buoys

    Marine Buoys

    The BR Plastics manufactures a wide range of Marine Buoys.

    The Buoys are manufactured in super tough UV resistant polyethylene and are extra thick for super performance.

    All Buoys can be foam filled for additional floatation.

    The Buoys are available in red or yellow and are perfect for applications that require a high quality long life Buoy.

  2. Life Buoy

    Life Buoy

    The BR Plastics 750mm Life Buoy is manufactured in medium density UV grade polyethylene and is very durable and UV resistant.

    The Life Buoy is polyurethane foam filled and comes fitted with reflective strips and nylon "grab ropes" as standard They are made in Orange and Yellow.